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Founded by former Ministry of Sound Operations Director, Tony Rigg, the laboratory project is concerned with both the creative and the commercial.

This site represents the creative aspects of the laboratory project. If you wish to know more about our business services please click on this link: The Laboratory Project business site.

The Creative Division of The Laboratory Project aims to deliver unparalleled music and multimedia experiences via

1. Our Record Label which is a complete rethink of what a label should be for today
2. Our Store where you can obtain our Music, Merchandise and Event Tickets
3. A New Music Bar concept (due to launch in Manchester soon)
4. A New Music Venue concept (due to launch in Manchester soon)
5. Our web based interactive entertainment platform and digital media services providing exclusive content to your Mac/ PC/ mobile devices (coming soon)
6. Our Recording Activities including Studios/ Music Production/ Mixing and Mastering Services