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The Laboratory Project Record Label represents a coalition of artists and exists to create and expose brilliant music.

It is anti contrived pop
Pro original/organic music/artists

It is the embodiment of uncompromised musical and ethical integrity and by holding those values close we will actualise a brand synonymous with quality musical experiences for real music fans.

The label has 2 main types of compilation albums that are clearly distinguishable.

1. TM (Taste Masters) - Music derived from human performance, bands, solo artists, and collaborations which translates to amazing live music experiences.

2. IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) - Music where technology features more as a creative tool which converts to amazing DJ led experiences.

Both compilations are intrinsically different but aim to move music forward through the originality of content and excellence of execution. Between the two we are able to offer music from practically any genre.

In addition to working with our compilation album artists we work to facilitate the development of new artists.